How readable is your writing?

hemingway app

How readable is your writing?


You  just  have a couple of seconds to grab the reader’s  attention and draw them into your website.  The pressure is on, your posts have to be interesting, search engine friendly, and easy to read. 

The more you work on something the harder it is to be objective about it.  But I recently found an online helper – Hemingway Editor. It’s a great little tool.  Simple, easy to use, and free.

You cut and paste your copy, hit enter and it tells you what the lowest reading grade required to understand it, and thenreadabilityhemingway app color codes grammatical errors. I tested my post, 7 tips for shooting videos – for people who don’t like to see themselves on video. It’s grade 4, has 2 sentences that are hard to read, and 1 that is very hard.  I used passive voice once. It recommended changes, but I left  most of them alone. The app didn’t understand the nuances of my writing. 😉

Hemingway Editor