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-1-  If you buy  OptimizePress 2.0 through a link on this page I will install it for you on any WordPress website.

If you don’t have a website, I’ll install both OptimizePress AND WordPress for you. *Some Restrictions Apply. Learn more here…

-2- And you’ll get an  Optimize Press 2.0 training session where I go through the entire process of building a couple of pages.

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If you want OptimizePress installed for you, and free training  you must read this before clicking the button.

Important First Steps.

    1. If you have been to the Optimize Press website before making your purchase you need to clear your browser cache and cookies. (Opens in a new tab)

      If you haven’t been to that site yet you can proceed to Step 2. If there is any question about this go ahead and clear your browser cache and cookies. It’s not a bad idea to do that regularly anyway.


    2. Go to OptimizePress. If you want more information about it before you buy it, there are a couple of good videos on their site. If you’re ready to get started just click the buy now button. (Remember there is absolutely no risk to doing this. Optimize Press offers you a 30 day unconditional guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason just let them know and they will refund your money.)


    3. Buy OptimizePress. After completing your purchase you’ll get two e-mails from Optimize Press.

    4. The first email you receive will be your receipt. Forward your receipt to o…@TechEasyMarketing.com (Click on the email address to reveal it) 

    5. Watch for your second e-mail from OptimizePress. It will include your login information. Save that, you’ll need it get started using OptimizePress.

    6. After sending in your receipt, watch for your welcome email from TechEasyMarketing.com. This will tell you exactly what you need to give us so we can set up OptimizePress your website, and make an appointment for your training.

  Get OptimizePress2


Are you making the right choices?

Website A-B testThat’s a pretty broad statement, but at this moment I’m talking about your website, or email, or sales pages. Any thing you are doing online to build your business.

It’s so easy to fall in love with an idea, but the only way to know what’s working is to test it.
A split test (or A/B test) is where you try two versions of the same thing (page, email , opt-in form)  and see which one performs the best.
Testing is both an art and a science.  The art is figuring out what to test.   Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make a big difference. The color of the submit button, the wording of the instructions. You can also test big changes, the page layout, prices, or the products you are offering.
Visual Website Optimizer (a company that specializes in testing) recently posted  5 case studies of website tests and the results. What works for these companies may not be the same as what will work for you, but it’s a good introduction to the kinds of things you can test.
If you’re not ready to hire a company like  to Visual Website Optimizer or Kissmetrics you can do split testing yourself.
An easy way to set up split tests (also known as A/B testing) is to use your Google Analytics account. Starting with the Benefits of Experiments page they will walk you through
  • Comparing how different web pages perform using a random sample of your visitors
  • Defining what percentage of your visitors are included in the experiment
  • Choosing which objective you’d like to test

~~~  sign up for a  Google Analytics account  ~~~

 What happens after someone opts-in to your mailing list (signs-up on your website) is the most important part of building a relationship. The tone of your email, what you offer or ask them to do, even how many emails you send in a series can all make a significant impact on future sales.  Most email list service providers (I use AWeber) have tools to let you create split tests both for emails you send out in response to an action (signing up on your website) and broadcast emails (like newsletters) that you send out later.

 More resources

SixRevisions.com: An introduction to split-testing

Two Great Articles that will give you some ideas about what to test

 If you want to test your WordPress theme

Premium Plug-in from WPMU:  A/B Theme Testing (BTW, WPMU.org is one of my favorite WordPress Resources. They have reviews, how-to articles and plug-ins you can’t get anywhere else.)

If  you want to do some testing and don’t know how to get started send me a note and let’s set up a time to talk. (This is a free, no pressure phone call. If you have some questions about testing or internet marketing in general I’m happy to answer them. And if you want to explore ways we can work together, I’m happy to do that too.)