If you don’t really want to spend the time figuring out how to install WordPress and OptimizePress let us do it for you. Free OptimizePress installation!

If you have an existing WordPress Site: 

After you purchase OptimizePress2 forward your receipt to Opti@TechEasyMarketing.com (Click on the email address to reveal it) 

We’ll tell you what we need for your OptimizePress installation on your existing WordPress site. It is going to be installed as a plug-in so it won’t change any of your existing pages. 

When we’re done you’ll see that OptimizePress will have been added to your dashboard.  OPtimize Press on Dashboard

 Get OptimizePress2

If you want WordPress and OptimizePress installed on a new website:

We’ll help you get your message out faster by setting up your website for you — for free

We’ve got two options for you.

-1- If you are looking for a basic, reliable website, want to spend as little as possible and are willing to put in the time to build your own website, your best option is to order a new web hosting account with Hostgator.

Once you do that, we will install WordPress, Optimize Press, and the most important plug-ins you need to keep your site secure from hackers, make your site easier to work on, and backed up.

We’ll set up your home page, an about page (to write about yourself), a squeeze, sales page or webinar registration page, and a contact form. Of course you can always add more pages. 

 To get started …

  1. Purchase OptimizePress
  2. Set up a new Hostgator hosting account
  3. Send your Hostgator receipt, your login information, your OptimizePress receipt and Optimize Press login information to Opti@TechEasyMarketing.com (Click on the email address to reveal it)

 Get OptimizePress2             New Hostgator Website               

-2- If you starting at the beginning, and you want to be doing something other than working on your website for a while, take a look at our Fast, Affordable Websites.

If you want a complete website Done-for-You quickly – with both OptimizePress and a Premium Genesis Theme installed, check out our Fast, Affordable Websites.  

We created this to help you be able to focus on what you are best at doing — which probably isn’t figuring out WordPress. 

Besides building your new website, you also get 3 months of full service web hosting, a simplified WordPress dashboard and we’ll install our step-by-step training videos that you access through your WordPress dashboard. These show you exactly what you need to do to get unstuck and keep going.

 Ready to get started?

  1. Purchase OptimizePress
  2. Order a Fast, Affordable Website.
  3. Send your OptimizePress receipt and Optimize Press login information to Opti@TechEasyMarketing.com (Click on the email address to reveal it)
  4. We’ll send you the next steps and a link to set up our planning session.

 Get OptimizePress2


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If you have any questions just ask.