Finally a WordPress Website that is so simple to maintain anyone can do it.

The biggest problem with WordPress is that its not easy. At least not for most of us. But what’s important is not how difficult  it is to build a website — you can have someone do that for you – but that until now, even updating your site was complicated.

You hire someone to build a website, they finish it, give you the password, and wish you luck. Or they tell you to let them know when you need some changes, and they’ll do them for you  — soon.

Soon, isn’t good enough anymore. Things are changing too quickly.

If you want to be making money, instead of thinking about making money, you can’t afford to have to wait for someone else to work on your website.

There are 3 things that make our websites refreshingly different.

1.   Installed right on your WordPress Dashboard you’ll find 45+ short, single topic how-to videos that you can access while you are working. That means if you don’t remember how to add a page, the video is right there. You can watch it (most are only a couple of minutes long) and follow along.

2.   It’s easy to rearrange the elements of your website because the pieces are modular. We use the popular Genesis framework because it makes it easier to add opt-in forms, change what’s included in your sidebars and footers, choose different page layouts and color schemes than any other themes I’ve ever found.  (We’re not the only ones who use Genesis. It’s the most popular WordPress framework (collection of themes) online.

3.   We don’t just finish your website and send you on your way.  You get a 2 month membership to the WP Garden Club*, so you can learn how to update your site.

 You need a website now. Not when you’ve figured everything out.  As soon as we get some basic information from you, (your name, your domain name — and if you don’t have one we’ll help you get it) we’ll get to work. We’ll build your home page (so you have a presence online and build your email list,) put up a contact form (so people can reach you without your email address getting spammed) and add whatever other copy you have ready.

On the pages you haven’t finished we’ll add sample copy, so you can see what it should look like. Then you can just replace the sample copy with what you’ve written, without having to guess where anything goes. (We’ll hide those pages from the public, and Google, and tell you how to publish them when you’re ready.)

A website is forever a work in progress.  You can’t afford to wait until it’s all done before you put anything out in the world. That isn’t good for anyone.  If your website isn’t up it won’t bring you any business, and equally important, you are depriving people of your wisdom.  

What are you waiting for?

Get started now!

*The WordPress Garden Club is opening in August. Stay tuned for more details….

  • It’s the easiest way to learn just what you need to know to feel comfortable updating your website, adding pages, posts & more.
  • Understand how WordPress works.
  • Live monthly training on key WordPress features.
  • Lot’s of  WordPress help videos
  • Checklists & planners to make working on your site easier.