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Does it really matter what it’s called?

If you have questions that fall into the categories of technology, marketing, email, online business or something else related — or you have a mix of questions, I can help.

If you are in business today you probably feel like the game keeps changing — because it is. A couple of years ago you may have had a plan for what you’d be doing today, but chances are you are doing things you couldn’t have even imagined then.

If you are focusing on what you are good at, and like to do, it’s virtually impossible to keep up with whats happening in the world of online business.

That’s where I can help.  I love marketing, and I’m fascinated by how technology is changing how we work, live and communicate. I’m really good at putting all of that together to figuring out how businesses can take advantage of it.

I’ve been doing this  – marketing and technology – for a long time.  Marketing and working with computers since the 1980’s and I started my first online business in 1997. (It was a store for Portuguese Water Dogs and their friends.  It’s still going strong, although I sold it a few years ago. If you want to know more you’ll find it here.)

I provide some specific services that are relatively easy to explain, but the thing that my clients tell me they most appreciate is the breadth of my knowledge.

For example, I’ve been building websites since 1997, using WordPress since the 2003 (and I’ve used Frontpage, Dreamweaver, and Weebly.) I know about building lists, and managing databases, since I was a Direct Marketing Consultant for many years.  I started writing copy for fundraising letters, then for brochures, websites and email. You get the idea.

This wasn’t part of a grand plan to become an expert an internet marketing (Twenty years ago most people hadn’t even heard of the internet) but it’s turned out to be a perfect fit for me.

How I can help…

I work with a team of really talented people, to provide some specific services.

    • Training: WordPress, Weebly, List Building and Management, Evernote
    • Developing Recurring Revenue Programs with Membership Site Software
    • Email Marketing Programs and Auto-responder Set-up
    • WordPress Site Management & Security Services

But I think the most valuable thing I do is give Solopreneurs and Small Business owners the big picture view of what’s possible.

Like an architect, or a general contractor I can put all the pieces together.  The best marketing plans dream big, but are implemented in small steps.

    • If you want to know what’s possible (no matter what your budget is) or what to do next, I can help.
    • If you need a second opinion, because your web designer is asking you to approve something, or you can’t decide if you really need a new site,, take advantage of my experience.
    • If you have questions about a bunch of different things, or need help and don’t know where to get it, let’s set up a time to talk.

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