About Phyllis Zusman

I have been helping people leverage their resources to build and grow thriving businesses since 1987.Phyllis Zusman

My interest in marketing and technology started a long time ago (especially considering that ten years seems like ancient history) I started working with computers about the time the first IBM PC was introduced, and learned about the power of target marketing (another way of looking at niches) when it first started being used in political campaigns. ( A lot of marketing techniques got their start in campaigns, because the stakes are pretty high.)

My Mission is to help solopreneurs become comfortable with the new ways of doing business.

Over the years I have learned how to build a business starting with almost nothing but a good idea– and I’ve done it a few times. I know how creativity is a great substitute for big budgets—and how nothing ever goes as planned.

In 1996 I started an on-line company selling stuff for Portuguese Water Dogs, 4MyPWDs.com. It was a little tricky because shopping carts hadn’t been invented yet.

I have worked as a Direct Marketing Consultant with independent professionals, soloprenuers and small business in a variety of industries.

I founded a dog training center in Southern California. I still occasionally teach dog manners classes. I also show my Portuguese Water Dogs, and compete in obedience, agility and water work.

And to keep it really interesting I’ve sold commercial real estate, and had an avocado grove. The last wasn’t a money maker, but it was a nice place to live.

As you can imagine, I know a lot about dealing with the unexpected, and marketing in a lot of economic environments.

If you are feeling a little stuck in your business, are running out of ideas or just don’t see where to take it, I can help.

If you didn’t grow up with computers, the internet, social media, what equipment to buy, what courses to take, figuring out what really is important to do, can stop you in your tracks. I can explain it all in simple, easy to understand language.